Manassas Hope for the Homeless

Demonstrating the Warmth of Christ to the Homeless of Manassas During Extreme Cold

The Manassas Hope for the Homeless is comprised of Christians from over a dozen churches in the greater Manassas area who have come together to provide emergency shelter to the area’s homeless when we experience extreme cold weather.

The Shelter is closed for the season and will reopen in November 2024.

For other shelter information, please contact Streetlight Ministries at 703-277-7140.

Thank you to all those who have supported the shelter throughout this past winter season. We look forward to seeing you next season. God bless!

Latest News

Hypothermia Season Starts November 1st through March 31st when temperatures are 32 degrees or below. You can also check our Facebook page for updates.

NOTICE: We will need more volunteers to step up and join the fight. All wishing to volunteer to provide meals for the Shelter when open, contact Jay Sharp info below.

Donations will be even more needed now due to the chances people without housing will be in the weather continuously through this season. A list of needs is below; if you are thinking about donations please check with Jay Sharpe at 571-277-0728 or [email protected]; he will let you know exactly what we need.


NEW: Men’s Socks and Travel-size shampoos. All donation items are relevant; although we may not be in the season, donations are collected all the time and will be distributed at the appropriate times. Gloves; warm winter clothes; thermal underwear; bug repellents; Water; Socks; Men’s and Women’s underwear; Batteries; triple A, double A, and D’s.

A Gofundme page has been set up for Hope for the Homeless; please share with people you know to help the shelter. You will find the page at this link: Thank you all for your continued involvement.


We need volunteers to provide hot dinners to the Hope for the Homeless Emergency Warming Shelter when it opens for the winter of 2018-2019.  We plan to do that in 2 ways:

  1. Bring a hot meal, (you, your church or organization can donate the meal OR you can prepare a meal from our pantry) and bring it over on days that we know the Emergency Warming Shelter will be open.  Dinner is usually at 6 pm, and breakfast is at 6 am.  
  2. Donate for the shelter pantry either monetarily or with gifts of pantry items

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We need volunteers for all sorts of positions. Please check out our volunteer page for ways you can help serve. Please note that all our volunteers are trained and is aware of the shelter rules and regulations. If you or your church is interested in getting trained please send an email to [email protected]. Thank you!

If you are trained and have not been added to the Volunteer group on Sign up Genius, you will not receive invites to Shelter openings, if this is you please contact Russ Six at [email protected] subject: HOMELESS SHELTER. Always check this site for updates and Shelter events. 

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Thank you!

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“Let us touch the dying, the poor, the lonely and the unwanted according to the graces we have received and let us not be ashamed or slow to do the humble work.”

— Mother Teresa